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Sjekirica Beach is located not far from the town of Trsteno, or the Trsteno Arboretum. The beach is located on a small cape and is easily accessible if you travel by car. The place is known for a small island not far from the beach to which you can walk / swim. The coast of the beach itself is mostly rocky with some rocks that do not make it difficult to move or swim. The entrance to the sea is gentle, shallow and suitable for all ages. On the beach you will find parts that are protected by natural shade, but be sure to bring sunscreen. Although there are no additional facilities or facilities on the beach, if you bring all the desired equipment with you, you will certainly not be bored. We recommend that you bring a diving mask and a surfboard and enjoy the warm summer days. Also, bring food and drinks, and if you still decide to eat in one of the Dalmatian restaurants or taverns, they are not far - on the way to Slano in one direction and Trsteno in the other there are several.

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My siblings enjoyed surfboarding in the gentle sea. We then took turns diving into the clear sea and then decided to eat in one of the Dalmatian restaurants which are not far from the beach.
Sjekirica beach attracts the glances of all the travelers descending by the Adriatic highway towards the south. I enjoyed a nature walk around the place and the view was breathtaking.
I went sightseeing at the small island near this location. Exploring the unique life forms in this location was satisfying. I had a lot of fun exploring the underworld as well and I came back with numerous photos.
very good!!!
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