Sunj Beach


Sunj is a beach of fine yellow sand located on the beautiful island of Lopud near Dubrovnik. The crystal clear sea is a hundred meters from the shore very shallow, and just behind the beach there is a dense pine forest where visitors can take shelter from the heat of the sun simply by resting or walking.

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public beach


Lopud Island

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20222, Lopud


(7 reviews)
We took a walk during the evenings along the dense pine forest as we enjoyed breathtaking fresh air gasps. It was the best way to rekindle our love through the selfie sessions we had together. A memorable beach visit it was.
When we visited the beach for summer the crowd was crazy with people sunbathing at the sandy beach with umbrellas that they carries. The views from the beach of the landscape and the sparkling sea were great and we enjoyed the lovely beach with different games that we played at the beach with my friends.
Pine forest was the best thing for the beach as it offered a great natural shade all through the day for us. The rich nature was something else to us and the vacation was rejuvenating and refreshing. The weather was what we needed and it was remarkable beach .
The Sandy beach was among the awesome places to be on our visit to the beach. We had a walk along the beach and it was therapeutic with the cool breeze and barefooted stroll was spectacular. The sea was relaxing and i loved my time at the beach.
I was mesmerized by the yellow colour of the sand on this beach which glowed during the night. The sea is crystal clear and clean and hence suitable for swimming. Will definitely come back.
The dense pine forest gave us a shelter from the heat of the sun. It was nice to go for snorkeling with my fiance, we discovered the existence of marine life. It is a beautiful island.
very good!!!
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