Dubrovnik Sun Gardens Beach


Dubrovnik Sun Gardens is a beautiful pebble and rocky beach located within the luxury hotel resort Radisson Blu in Orašac near Dubrovnik. The beach is spacious and equipped with all possible facilities from the possibility of renting deck chairs and umbrellas to several restaurants where you can taste top quality cocktails. There are three luxury swimming pools on the beach, and you can play tennis, five-a-side football, beach volleyball or paintball nearby.

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Place Type

public beach



Place Location

Na moru 1, 20235, Orašac


(4 reviews)
It's a suitable place for team ,family and couple retreats.Various activities are offered on the beach ; swimming, football, beach volleyball,tennis, paintball,name it. The place offers a good environment for bonding and fun events .There are ample public a resources , ensuring everyone's comfort.
It was such a big beach and very spacious. My friends and i really loved playing the sport activities including five a side football, paintball and beach volleyball, it was such a fun endeavour. The beach also has beach bars where we took cocktails and enjoyed nice house music.
A nice place to get together either as teams, couples or families. I enjoyed the various activities offered on the beach from the swimming to tennis,five-a-side football, beach volleyball or paintball. A great place for people to bond and have fun with enough public amenities to ensure everyone has fun comfortably.
very good!!!
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