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Beach Tri brata is located between Zaton and Dubrovnik. The beach has a beautiful view but unfortunately inaccessible from the mainland, so it is very popular among kayakers and boaters. The beach coast is made of small stones, and the entrance to the sea is gentle, shallow and suitable for all ages. The beach is almost never crowded, which is understandable due to the difficult accessibility. We recommend that, if you like recreation, rent a kayak, bring everything you need (food, drinks and sun protection) and head to this wonderful place. There will be no lack of peace and quiet, so relaxation is guaranteed. You will also find parts of the beach hidden from the sun in the shade of tall trees.

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Is a pebble and rock beach. It is also the largest naturist beach where there is shade from the surrounding trees. I look forward to visiting the beach again.
I went kayaking for the first time in this beautiful location and I loved the whole experience. The instructor was very friendly and detailed in his explanations. It was amazing and magical to be open waters surrounded by the diverse sea creatures.
Was definitely up for some kayaking with my friends and this beach comprising of small stones provided that. You can only get to the beach through the sea. If you are sailing better make a stop at this beautiful beach because relaxation is guaranteed. Please carry your food and drinks no restaurant around.
very good!!!
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