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Mandrac Beach is located in Babin Kuk in Dubrovnik, on a small peninsula. It is easily accessible on foot and by public transport from any part of Dubrovnik. The beach is made up of a combination of fine gravel and sand, and the seabed as well. The entrance to the sea is gentle and suitable for all ages. The beach is popular with tourists but also locals, so do not be surprised if you encounter a larger crowd. There is no natural shade on the beach, so be sure to protect yourself from the sun. Nearby you will find deck chairs, parasols, public toilets, changing cabins and other entertainment, sports and recreational facilities. For refreshments, there are many cafés and beach bars nearby. You can taste delicious food in one of the many restaurants, and the Old Town of Dubrovnik with all its sights and attractions is not far away.

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My friends and I enjoyed ths beach because it was easily accessible and it was beautifully covered by the combination of gravel and sand.The beach is over crowded hence more entertainment , sports and recreational activities for a more and easier interaction.One should ensure to protect themselves from the sun because there is no shade , but there are deck of chairs , parasols , toilets and changing cabins.There are also restaurants that one can enjoy good and tasty foods and the beautiful sight attraction nearby.
Kevin and I enjoyed jet skiing in the open waters while shouting at the top of our voices. The cool breeze heating our heated throats was all the motivation we needed. I enjoyed bonding with my son and getting to know him better.
The beach is comprised of large rocks, stones as well as some patches of pebbles. The waters around Mandrac are crystal clear and very clean offering a great place to snorkel. I loved catching sunsets while at the beach.
very good!!!
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