Vis Beach


Vis Beach is located in the bay of Lapad below the hotel of the same name where you can find refreshment and enjoy gastronomy. The sea is shallow so it is suitable for all ages.

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public beach



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20000, Dubrovnik


(7 reviews)
My kids were able to swim because the sea is shallow. Also there was a playground where my kids played during the evening hour as we engaged in involving sports activities. Best suitable for families with young kids.
The bay was like paradise and we had a great time swimming at the beach with my friends. The beach was superb with great weather and atmosphere too. Dazzling waters of the sea was therapeutic and swimming was fun to us.
We had accommodation at the hotel and the views of the sea and the landscape was exciting. Hospitable place with comfortable facilities and great services that they offered. We loved the tour and were amazed by the beach.
I had a taste of the most delicious gastronomy here. I especially loved the sea food that was fresh. The beach was not crowded.
The hotel attendants were smiling as they served us. They also guided us accordingly on the meals to take on the rich menu. A variety of delicacies to choose from.
Different spots that we managed to visit with my friends as we sampled the drinks from wines to cocktails and enjoyed the specialties of the land. Amazing beach bars and restaurants and the music played all along was sweet and relaxing. What a time we had at the beach and it was remarkable.
very good!!!
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