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Rijeka Beach is located in Mokosica within the city of Dubrovnik. The beach is easily accessible on foot if you are in one of the many apartments nearby. If you decide to come by car, parking is located above the beach, and then the historic Old Town of Dubrovnik and its attractions and attractions are nearby. Rijeka Beach is a smaller beach, rocky in character with some concrete parts that are ideal for sunbathing. The entrance to the sea is gentle, shallow, and the seabed is covered with pebbles. There is not too much natural shade on the beach, so be sure to bring proper protection. Also, there are no additional facilities or facilities on the beach, so bring the right things you need for your vacation. But if you still decide to look for refreshment in one of the beach or cafe bars and restaurants, don't worry - everything is at your fingertips.


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Understated and free from crowds of tourists, Rijeka beach offers a splendid isolation. It is famous for its bright blue waters, scenic caves and perfect purity. My three vacation at this beach was definitely worth it.
Sunbathing in this magical location helped me relax and rejuvenate my strength. I was able to catch up with my friends and forget about my busy work schedule. My trip here was really productive and I will visit again soon.
Everything is at your fingertips from restaurants to cafe to accomodation. This is a smaller beach with concrete parts perfect for sunbathing. I enjoyed visiting the historic Old Town of Dubrovnik and its attractions.
very good!!!
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