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Bellevue is the name for the picturesque and attractive Dubrovnik beach.
Bellevue Beach is located in a beautiful bay at the foot of the top hotel of the same name. Today, Bellevue Beach is the venue for the strongest and most interesting amateur water polo competition in the world. There are also places for water jumping on the beach, and an interesting nearby cave that you can visit while swimming or diving. Also, due to its location, the beach offers a place to refresh and enjoy gastronomic delicacies.

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This small pebble beach is beautiful and easily accessible from the hotel. Water polo lovers will want to live here forever. There is a beautiful swimming and cliff jumping spot. It is not crowded and this makes it good for quiet time. Has a Cafe in the vicinity and you can enjoy some family time here.
The beach had a place where we took refreshments and also enjoyed gastronomic delicacies. The beach also had a place to jump into the water enabling us to dive into the water with ease. We also visited the nearby cave while swimming.
It is mostly a stone beach and located near the Blue resort, I enjoyed walking enjoying the landscape through the woods or along the coast. It is suitable for people of all ages and is well equipped to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all who visit. There are even showers and changing cabin along the beach to serve the big number of visitors visiting. it offers refreshments and recreational and sports activities, making one want to come back again and again.
The beach is not so long but is very well decorated. The unique entrances are built nicely and good thing about the beach is that there is a watch rescue team ready for service, it is also suitable for kids and elder people, there are changing cabins as well, i also took some cocktails in the bar and refreshed myself
It is the most attractive and picturesque beach that have visited in my life, it creates a good backdrop for photos. I was fascinated to engage in the water polo competition that is held here. Although i did not win, i expanded my social network.
The delicacies of the restaurants and cafe spots were spot on while we visited the beach for our summer. Unforgettable experience at the cosy hotel and we enjoyed ourselves while swimming and visited several sites across the beach.
My water polo team saw a perfect place for a little fun practice here only to notice the beach is a venue for the strongest and most interesting amateur water polo competition in the world. We enjoyed diving in the nearby cave and later on grabbed some cold drinks at the beach bar.
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