Dance Beach


Dance Beach is one of the oldest beaches in Dubrovnik.
It is located at the foot of the monastery complex with the church of St. Marija, below the Gradac park, about two hundred meters away from the Old Town.
The beach is rocky, the sea is deep and clean, and a shade colder than elsewhere which makes it a great place for refreshment. The crystal clear sea and the view of the monastery make this beach the perfect place to spend the morning and afternoon.

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Place Type

public beach



Place Location

Rudimira Rotera, 20000, Dubrovnik


(4 reviews)
Being an old beach the beach experience is a perfect getaway. the nearby old town give the adventure a whole new meaning. The waters are crystal clear with white sand. I found the place to be super friendly for children hence its good for family getaways. this is indeed a nice place to visit
When I visited Old Town I was recommended to take a walk on the Danche beach which I did.The sea is totally beautiful and family friendly but there's nothing much going on there.If you just enjoy feeling the cool breeze you'd definitely enjoy taking a walk on the beach then this is totally the place to visit.
The view at Danche beach is fascinating especially early in the morning when the place is deserted. I rated the place a five star because of the best facilities that it offers such as the bars serving basic refreshments and snacks, restaurants and fresh water showers.
very good!!!
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