Porporela is a breakwater in the old city port, the most famous and most sung part of Dubrovnik's old town and a favorite beach. During the evening, in this place you can see beautiful views of the island of Lokrum, the sea and the stars on one side and the lights of the Old Town on the other. There is a lighthouse on Porporela and only a couple of benches where you can sit and just enjoy

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public beach



Place Location

Ul. Skalini dr. Marka Foteza 2, 20000, Dubrovnik


(4 reviews)
At night, i enjoyed to see the stars making different patterns on the sky. A best way to replenish love and even bond with a loved one. I enjoyed my stay here.
I enjoyed my stay here during the evenings, the beach was well lit showing the beautiful views of the surrounding. We stayed at the benches of the lighthouse where we enjoyed the cool sea breeze that was relaxing. Best spot to chill during an idle evening.
I enjoyed a wide selection of cocktails served in the beach bar as i danced to the tune of the music playing in the background. Both the locals and the staff in the bar and restaurants were friendly to us,they made us feel at home. A homely place.
very good!!!
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