Potok Beach


Potok Beach is located in Orasac not far from Zaton, on the way to Dubrovnik. We recommend arriving at the beach by car, which you can leave nearby and descend to the coast and the beach. The beach is bordered on both sides by high steep cliffs that give a sense of privacy, but still, don’t expect to be completely alone. The beach is made of finer pebbles mixed with smaller pebbles, and the seabed as well. Although the coast is covered with low Mediterranean vegetation, unfortunately it is not high enough to provide you with shelter from the sun, so be sure to bring adequate protection. There are no additional facilities or facilities on the beach, so be sure to bring everything you need with you. If you do decide to find refreshment in one of the restaurants or cafes, you will find them in relative proximity.

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Surfing here was exhilarating and I was in love with the crashing waves and the propelling wind that made the experience wholesome. It was great to explore one of my passions in this magical location.
I loved that the waters of this beach are shallow but quickly get deeper perfect for a good swim in the sea. I enjoyed diving and snorkeling in the deep sea and seeing the magical underwater world. entrance to the sea is cascading and gentle.
Serene water, sandy beaches, organised coasts and sport activities. The sea is clear and the sunsets are breathtaking. My fiancé and I enjoyed our tenth anniversary at this beach.
very good!!!
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