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Karmelska Beach is located in the tourist attraction Slano not far from Dubrovnik. The beach is easily accessible from the location, so you can easily walk to it from any part of the place. The beach is a favorite among locals, but tourists are also not lacking, so you can expect moderate crowds. The beach is relatively long, semicircular in shape and made entirely of fine sand, and the seabed as well. Above the beach stretches a grove where you can find shelter from the sun and natural shade. The entrance to the sea is shallow, gentle and suitable for all ages. Unfortunately there are no additional facilities or facilities on the beach, but several beautiful beach bars are nearby. The center of Slano, but also beautiful Dubrovnik is also not far away, so you can explore all the sights and attractions that the cities have to offer.

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I enjoyed being in this beach,its entrace is shallow , gentle and comfortable for all age, its beautiful and not overcrowded. It is covered with a grove that provides shade and shelter from the sun. The location of this beach is near a beautiful city that one can go exploring sights of attractions.
I enjoyed exploring the occasional mangrove vegetation in this location and learning about their properties and survival techniques. the results I found were really helpful for my end-year research as a botanist. I will visit again soon to explore the area further.
The beach is located at the foot of a dense pine forest. I loved this since it is ideal for vacation. I enjoyed fishing at the town of Sucuraj which was a new experience for me.
very good!!!
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