Zhminj is located at the intersection of all Istrian roads, which is why it is often called the center of Istria. The first mention of Zhminj in historical sources dates back to 1178, when the town was owned by the Bishop of Porech, however, excavations show that this place was inhabited much earlier, even in the prehistoric period when Zhminj existed as a hillfort.

From the 14th to the 17th century, the city became a member of various wars between the Turks and the Italians, was a refuge for refugees and was repeatedly destroyed.

Today, a beautiful little place proudly stands here which, Due to its exceptional natural beauty, endless meadows, vineyards, rich fields, ancient forests and newly discovered caves, offers numerous hiking trails of any difficulty and duration. Enjoy the untouched nature and rich cultural and historical heritage that you can meet at every turn.

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5.0 (1 review)
5.0 (1 review)

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We had a remarkable time as a family when we were in Zminj. Our kids enjoyed the playing and visiting different places like caves.
I was impressed to visit Zminj as I found people specializing in unique things in farming. The markets were extemely beautiful. This is a truly exceptional place.
We had a phenomenal day in Zminj as we cycled around the seashore and also through country roads. We will do this again to enjoy the breathtaking views.
I found Zminj to be an outstanding place for outdoors and enjoyable activities to do. Quad biking is an example among many of fun things to do here in the vibrant amusement parks.
I found Zminj breathtaking to hike along the seashore. There is a cool breeze and there are startling sites along the way. I higly recommend it as a travel destination
very good!!!
It has rich cultural heritage and the events organised are one to remember and the turn up is off the hook. We had fun at the feast and the experience was unforgettable.