Sanc. Michael Theme Park


Sanc Theme Park. Michael is located on a beautiful property of 26,000 square meters, only 3 km west of Svetvincenat. It consists of a castle of 400 square meters and is built of wooden logs.

In addition to the impressive building, the castle offers a children's carousel, torture devices, a dungeon for a witch, a souvenir shop and many other interesting things typical of the Middle Ages. Visitors can also try their hand at shooting a medieval bow and arrow.

The opportunity to enjoy the natural environment and socialize with animals is an unforgettable experience. So you can learn to ride horses and feed and socialize with domestic animals - donkeys, goats, sheep, chickens, rabbits, pigeons and others. To make the return to the Middle Ages complete, visitors can also enjoy delicious grilled dishes and drinks from indigenous pottery.

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