Ruins of Dvigrad


This ancient town was first mentioned in 879. Its history is rich and has changed the course of life several times, and it became abandoned when the last inhabitants emigrated in the 17th century due to an epidemic of plague and malaria. Only the poorest family remained in Dvigrad and the other locals moved to nearby Kanfanar. Twenty years later, the beautiful church of St. Sophia was abandoned, so Dvigrad became a completely devastated ghost town, which is followed by the legend of the infamous pirate Henry Morgan, who was on the run when he arrived in this mystical place, and carried with him invaluable a Panamanian stolen treasure he buried right in this area. The pirate later spent the rest of his life in a nearby village that still bears his name - M (o) rgani. The present remains of Dvigrad represent a well-preserved, typical medieval town castle with three solid towers and the church of St. Sophia that dominates this ancient city. In front of this Romanesque building is the main town square and the town palace. For all lovers of history, this town is an unavoidable place on a romantic journey through beautiful Istria.

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very good!!!
Dvigrad is a abandoned place that lies in the ruins . Our visit to this place entailed checking the well designed architectures of this place built long time ago.
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