Soardo Bembo Castle


Above the city gates and between the two towers of the defensive walls in the 16th century in the town of Bale was built a magnificent palace of the Soardo family, which was later taken over by the Bembo family, after whom the Soardo-Bembo palace was named. It is the most significant building in Bale, which attracts visitors with the beauty of the recently restored Gothic-Renaissance facade. Over the centuries the palace has changed purpose and owners. The oldest coat of arms is that of the Nadal family who ruled it from 1400 to 1470. Its purpose was changed in the 15th century; from a fortified defensive building to an impressive residential building. In the following century, ownership of the castle was taken over by the Bembo family who used it as a place for numerous social gatherings.

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Castel ul. 1, 52211, Bale


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