Krmed is a small Istrian village 7 km northeast of Bale. The whole area was inhabited in prehistory, and of the many forts, the most famous and largest is the Old Town (the neighboring New Town is covered with tumuli). There is no data on settlement in Roman times and in the early Middle Ages, but the village existed in13. Abandoned after the plague epidemics, it was repopulated in the 16th century. immigrants from Dalmatia. The village is gathered in two parts, and between them are an abandoned school, a monument to the victims of fascism and the church of St. Elisha, which was rebuilt in 1967 on the site of an older one.Krmed is a village where the traditional Istrian lifestyle has been preserved, and it is an interesting destination to visit when you are near Bale.

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We had an experience of the Istrian lifestyle on touring this place through the preserved traditions and Istrian dishes that were prepared and cooked to perfection. We also toured the monument that victims were fascism were buried giving us a history on why they were victimised. The Old Town Fort is also a must visit.
Our entire vacation at this place consisted of hiking climbing and trekking. We enjoyed exploring the woods where we discovered caves and dens. I loved seeing small animals and birds of different species. We had a great time.
I found the small village an interesting destination to visit, it has a rich historical background that would interest a lot of people. The Old Town which is one of the most famous forts is a beautiful attraction. It also gives one the chance to experience the traditional Istrian lifestyle.
very good!!!