If you have always wanted to spend a holiday in absolute peace and quiet, surrounded by greenery and cultivated fields, perhaps staying in one of the luxury villas with pool, built in Istrian stone, Sorici could be the right choice for you.At the same time, the place is only 200 meters away from the main road that will take you to Rovinj in about 10 minutes. Sorici has less than 50 inhabitants, so to get groceries you should go to Rovinjsko Selo (2 km).In the immediate vicinity is the Lim Bay, an impressive reserve in which there is also the Romuald's Cave, 105 m long, which the locals once believed to be inhabited by dark forces.

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The villas here are remarkable, had the thoughtful amenities like the swimming pools and restaurants. I loved the fact that one could order a meal and it would be delivered to their room within a short a time. My kids loved playing the 'water gun battle' game at the pool.
We loved the aromatic park at this place. We walked among the different types of flowers enjoying the sweet scents and identifying the types of the flowers. We later went hiking in the woods where we discovered and explored caves. we had a lovely time here.
Visiting Shorichi was a much needed trip, the tranquil atmosphere provided a wonderful environment to unwind and relax. The inhabitants there were friendly, the sceneries were breathtaking. The elocal stories about the caves in the locale only made the experience more amazing.
very good!!!