Sveti Lovrech


Sveti Lovrech is located in the immediate hinterland of Vrsar and Porech - one of the best preserved medieval fortified towns in Istria imbued with religious motifs. To commemorate this, before each Christmas, traditional holidays are held there to commemorate and renew that era. It is organized by local monks: they share old bread, take out buffaloes and other animals, and in some buildings reproduce the crafts of the time. Also, one of the most important winter events is the living crib. Three evenings between 20.12. and 06.01. in the evening more than 150 costumed participants evoke the atmosphere of the most beautiful Bethlehem night. A Christmas Fair has been organized on the main square where its visitors can buy various handmade decorations and souvenirs. This is possible due to the fact that the city is very well preserved. The patron saint of St. Lawrence is St. Lawrence - a Christian martyr and deacon, and his name is the beautiful church of St. Lawrence dating from the 8th century, while the Romanesque bell tower next to it was added in the 11th century, and is located near the village - in the local cemetery. The circular shape of the settlement dates back to prehistoric times when there was a hillfort on the same hill. Already in Byzantine times, Lovreč was fortified with ramparts and towers, which were later thoroughly renovated on several occasions, and most of the fortifications visible today date from the Venetian era, when St. Lovreč was the seat of military administration of the entire Venetian part of Istria.

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very good!!!
The history of the town is amazing and we visited the several places including theamphitheatre and temples that are like historic sites and are awesome.
Snorkeling at the sea was wonderful and memorable as i had a chance to see the marine environment in a better view and it just was great.
We had some amazing time at the sea with kayaking and other water sports that were fun and amazing to do.
I enjoyed the adventure of truffle hunting across the forest and other places and it was a team building activity and fun to do.
We enjoyed the night segway adventure with family and friends and it was not that hard todrive it. We had so much fun.