Bonaci is a small Istrian village within the city of Porec, which you need only about 10 kilometers by car.Beautiful Porec is easily accessible, as are the beaches near it.Today, Bonaci have continued with the traditional way of life, but they have developed their tourist offer, so there are more and more beautiful villas and holiday homes that invite you to spend your Istrian experience in the heart of this green peninsula.

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At the heart of this green peninsula , i was privileged to experience the Istrian life through the lovely pleasant ambience and atmosphere found here. There were numerous beautiful villas that accommodated us, the villas were clean and well kept with hospitable hosts. In the afternoon, we reached Porec to swim in the pebbled beaches.
The Valley at this place was beautifully adorned by lush greenery and rocky landscapes. The air around this place was cool and refreshing. I loved this untouched nature. I felt relaxed and happy.
I found this place one of the best locations to experience the Istrian traditional way of life. The village is also located near some of the beautiful beaches that are accessible easily. I found their accommodations nice. a place for everyone to visit.
very good!!!