Heraki is a small Istrian village within the Municipality of Sveti Lovrech.The place is immersed in the greenery of central Istria, so it will convey the peace that the surrounding nature exudes.When you are in this area, try mountain biking, and be sure to visit your favorite tourist destinations, such as Rovinj and Porec.Porec and Rovinj are nearby, so places are easily accessible by car for exploration or vacation on the beach. We also recommend a fun boat trip to the beautiful Lim Bay, about ten kilometers long, a famous shellfish farm and a habitat for many marine and terrestrial animals.

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With the existence of the greenery, we experienced peace and relaxation that the surrounding nature exuded. We tried mountain biking and we were able to reach Rovinj and Porec as we explored through the scenic beauty of the surrounding. My kids were excited to visit the famous shellfish farm where they saw many marine and terrestrial animals.
This place was great for wind surfing and cool breeze during the summer heat. We enjoyed playing ball games and swimming. I later enjoyed watching the sunset, then we had a delicious meal at the restaurant. I enjoyed my stay.
There is alot to experience in this region, the best thing about Heraki however is the peace that is felt from the surrounding nature. I found it a wonderful place to relax and clear one's mind, the mountain biking and the boat trip to Lim Bay made the visit even more fun and enjoyable. Worth the visit.
very good!!!