Ribari (Radetici)


Ribari is a small place in the interior of Istria, located in a perfectly quiet location, surrounded by greenery, cultivated fields and vineyards. The place with a dozen rural villas is located about 30 minutes drive from Rovinj, on the stretch between Sv. Lovrech and Kanfanar. In these places you can stock up on basic groceries, and we definitely recommend that you visit the surrounding taverns, wineries and prosciutto parlors, which will delight you with their traditional specialties and products.In the vicinity there are also the ruins of the medieval town of Dvigrad and the impressive karst phenomenon, the Lim Bay with Romuald's Cave.When you want the sea and tourist centers, there are some of the most popular destinations in Croatia: Rovinj, Porec, Vrsar and Pula.

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