In the interior of Istria, not far from Zhminj, lies the village of Feshtina, especially known for the cave of the same name - the Feshtina kingdom. Namely, according to local stories, the cave was accidentally discovered in the 1930s during the regular planting of vines, when the bottom collapsed while cultivating the field!

However, the cave was completely buried after the Second World War, and it was not rediscovered until the 1980s. Today, the interior of the cave is decorated with safe paths about a hundred meters long.

The Festive Kingdom will delight you with the beauty of various sigmatic forms, among which you will easily recognize the symbols of the cave with the appropriate names - "wizard's hat", "Tower of Babel" or large "bat's wing". the beauties of the underground, you can also enjoy the idyllic landscape enriched with accompanying facilities, such as a children's park, a mini farm and bar, and a souvenir shop.

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We visited this place with my lover and it was interesting and an intimate place for us to be and even rekindle our love. We walked through the decorated cave with safe paths as we took selfies. At the souvenir shop we bought some of them to take back home asour kids enjoyed playing at the children's park.
This lovely place was rich in natural vegetation with rocky landscapes. I loved the untouched wildlife and natural habitat. Animals and birds were undisturbed and seeing a squirrel cross your paths in the bushes were amazing. The birds had nests all over. I loved listening to the singing birds. This place was amazing.
A wonderful place to visit, touring the caves beneath the earth is an exhilarating experience. I found it just amazing walking in the caves to different sections and enjoying looking at the different decorations. It is a nice place to visit with kids too apart from the caves there is a children's park so kids can play and have fun in a safe place. A nice destination for family.
very good!!!