The youngest town in Istria, Rasha (Arsia), was named after the river of the same name. Although white because of the stone and concrete, Rasha was actually built of coal. The history of the town began in the 1930s when the town sprang up in the valley of the Krapan stream, serving the needs of miners and mining.

In this newly built city, workers houses located along two parallel streets meet in the central square with a church in the shape of an inverted coal wagon, while its bell tower resembles a mining lamp. The period between 1936-1942 marks the period of the largest expansion of companies with mines in Rasha, which are considered the most sophisticated in Europe, employing more than ten thousand workers and reaching the largest production of 1,158,000 tons of coal in 1942. You can also visit the mine today.

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It was an exciting experience to learn of the rich history of the youngest town in Istria. I learnt that it served the needs of miners and mining. The church which is in shape of an inverted cool wagon , with its bell towers resembling a mining lamp, is a must while here.
My sister and i visited this coal built youngest town in Istria to experience a new climate out the town. we had a wonderful time and we toured several mines. We enjoyed our trip.
Great small town with interesting history that is catchy. The mines at the place are awesome and we loved the walk around the town and the mines too. The bell tower was amusing and i enjoyed every bit of my time at the place.
This town grew as a result of coal mining. Its history over the years is wonderful. I toured this town. It has a simple architectural planning. Just two major parallel streets and a church at the end of the streets. I had an adventurous experience touring this coal mines
The sunsets at this place were amazing. I enjoyed long walks and the beautiful scenery here. The people here also had good attitude we took pictures together. it was a surreal experience
very good!!!