Istrian Peninsula


This beautiful peninsula can be divided into 2 magical parts:Green Istria:Istria has laid its natural wonders in the Mediterranean garden, at the foot of the Alps. The blue Adriatic Sea strikes its beautiful shores, and cities lined up like pearls are located along the coast: Umag, Novigrad, Porec, Vrsar, Rovinj, Pula, Rabac - cities that have made Istria a famous destination.But there is another side of Istria, hidden Istria, whose treasures are also worth exploring - the interior of Istria, green Istria, the land between dreams and reality, the land of beauty and peace of history and pure, untouched nature. Its cities and residents will welcome you and allow you to share their spirit and past times. Welcome to the land of history, beauty and vitality!Blue Istria:Life along the beautiful coast of Istria has always been closely connected with the sea. Sailors found refuge in the embrace of the coves, fishermen all their lives respected such mysterious wide open spaces, travelers discovered new loves in its ports. And everyone will agree on one thing - the beauty of the Istrian landscape enchanted many travelers, convincing them to stay and start a new beginning ...Sail along the Istrian azure coast, let in by the rays of sunlight from east to west, immersing yourself in picturesque Mediterranean motifs - bays and beaches

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Istrian Peninsula
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We enjoyed the drive to the hill village and were perplexed with the venetic architectural setting of the place and its art colony that is buffling.
We loved the historical sites that we visited and were amzed with the rich stories of the ampitheatre and the amazing the experience at the place.Unforgettable moments.
We loved all the visits to the art gallery exhibitions and enjoyed the wonderful art that lives with the interaction of the gorgoeus people.
The nights life at Istrian Peninsula are remarkable with entertaining Djs at the bars, night clubs and resturants and me together with my friends visited a couple of places and it was fun and unforgettable.
A visit to the island National park was amzing and we loved the sea and had amazing time there and were perplexed by the sparkling sea and the clean environment.
My friends and I had a memorable time in the Istrian peninsula. We particularly delighted in the stand-up paddleboarding, especially during the sunsets. The sinking golden rays formed magical reflections on the waters that were just entrancing. Those were magical moments.
I had a sensational trip to Istria. There were a lot of fun things to do. I particularly loved snorkeling in the deep turqoise waters. The underwater caves are so magical. The trip was worth it.