Beram is first mentioned in a written document back in 911, when it was presented to the Bishop of Trieste. In the Middle Ages, Beram was fortified with defensive walls, bearing the role of a castle in which there was a secret underground passage leading to the cave of Jamorina at the foot of the hill.

Beram and its surroundings are great for those who want recreation in nature. Namely, a well-maintained hiking trail stretches through Beram, which mostly passes through the forest, and mostly uses macadam and forest roads. This 11.8-kilometer-long circular path connects Beram with the nearby town of Pazin. For approximately 3 hours, you will enjoy the beautiful green expanses of Istria, of which we single out the Pazin roof - a beautiful waterfall of the river Pazinchica

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very good!!!
I enjoyed the tours and hiking around Beram and the visit to the caves and caverns was phenomenal and one to remember. I had so much fun.
I picked up a gift from the gift shop for my friends back at home and they absolutely loved it. Made them happy and it was awesome.
We had an adventure at the tour to the waterfall with the whole quad riding. It was a fun activity and i would love to visit again some other time.
I had fun and an amazing time at the thrilling zipline with my friends and the ariel view from the zipline is beautiful and i had an adventure.
We had a great time at the art gallery and museum that had several things on display that were amazing and intresting. For the kids a room for old craftsmanship and exhibition is intresting.