Pazin Abyss


There are stories among the people that say that giants and humans once lived together in Istria. The greatest among them, at the same time the chief, was Ban Dragonja, as big as a mountain. As parts of Istria were under lakes and swamps, and other parts were dry, the people asked Ban to give them water, so that they could cultivate the land. the sea in which the river opened, which he named after himself. That's how Dragonja came to be. He also made another furrow, which he named after his wife. That's how Mirna came to be. After he started working on the third furrow, which he would name Draga after his daughter, the wife of the Pazin captain started mocking and mocking him from the Pazin castle. She asked him if he was so old that he plowed so shallowly and crookedly, to which the giant got angry and abruptly stopped work. At that moment, water rushed through the unfinished furrow, wanting to flood the entire Pazin valley. People hurried to Dragonja to ask him for help, and the cries of mothers and children were heard. Ban took pity on them, kicked them in the ground, right next to the Pazin castle, where a huge pit opened, which drew all the excess water into itself, and the problem was solved. At the site of the third furrow, the winding river Pazinčica was formed, which sinks right into the Pazin Cave.

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very good!!!
The pazin of Abyss is a place with protected landscape. It is the place where prisoners of all ages could not pass through since it is near the castle prison.
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