Motovunski Novaki


Motovun Novaki is a small place located in central Istria, within the municipality of Karojba. Motovun Novaki and the surrounding area have been inhabited since the 15th century. Croatian refugees before the Ottomans, and in the 16th and 17th centuries there were frequent conflicts with the population of the neighboring area of ​​the Pazin principality.In the settlement was the palace of the Polesini family (today, unfortunately, only the portal is preserved), opposite the parish church of St. Marina, built in 1879 on the site of an older 16th Century.Motovun Novaki is a great stop when exploring the charms of central Istria. Here you will see and experience the indigenous Istrian life and see the traditions that have survived to this day.

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We were here with my friends and what amazed us most about this place is how the traditions of the Istrian people have survived to this day. We also experienced the indigenous Istrian life through their delicious foods and wines and even cultural heritage. By the end of our trip, we had vowed to maintain our traditions too like the Istrians.
The rich cultural life and traditions of this place were visible with the dressing and dishes that were served at this place. The locals were polite and respectful. I made friends with several of them and I was amazed by their hospitality.
If you want a new cultural experience, this is the place to visit in my opinion. I found the history of the place very interesting. A place one can visit to get a chance to actually experience central Istria in all its glory. The Locals are willing to let a person experience their culture and lifestyle. A lively place indeed.
very good!!!