Church of St. Marija na skriljineh


Church of St. Marija na skriljineh, in the cemetery 1 km northeast of Beram, preserves in its interior one of the most valuable achievements of Istrian medieval painting. Well-preserved late Gothic frescoes cover almost completely the interior walls of the church, and are the work of master Vincent of Kastav. The paintings were made to order by the Beram fraternity of St. Mary so that the bulk of the space in the paintings is dedicated to scenes from the lives of Mary and Jesus.

The strongest impression is evoked by the fresco Dance of the Dead, where kings, merchants, cardinals, and even the Pope himself dance hand in hand before death. In the XVIII. century, in the Baroque period, the church was expanded and renovated, with part of the frescoes damaged or destroyed. All the frescoes were then repainted and hidden, and rediscovered and restored in 1913.

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very good!!!
It had really nice paintings and artwork that had meaning about dancing with the dead,the location was very peaceful, i enjoyed the scenery i was driving to the church
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