Smiljan, this beautiful small picturesque village composed of 18 hamlets, is located in the heart of mountainous Lika not far from the Adriatic Sea, and it is definitely worth turning off the highway and visiting it, especially when you are on your way to Dalmatia. Here you will enjoy clean air, untouched nature and endless green fields surrounded by hills.

Also, Smiljan is home to the most famous esteemed inventor, engineer and scientist in the world - Nikola Tesla. Nikola Tesla - a person who has brought so much of himself into the way of life we ​​live today. Tesla was a futurist who knew what the future held for him, so he envisioned a system that would collect information and broadcast it to a handheld device. And was he right - nowadays we all have a mobile phone with an internet connection in hand. Furthermore, right here in Smiljan you can visit the Nikola Tesla Memorial Center and be amazed by all its achievements first hand.

In addition to all the monuments dedicated to Nikola Tesla, there are many natural beauties near Smiljan. One of them is the Grabovacha cave park, which contains eight caves and a pit. You can visit the caves in any season except winter. There are also organized excursions to the Lika River where you can enjoy free lunch and swimming.

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