Throughout history, the city of Gospich has played the role of a traffic and military center. It was only in the 19th century that its influence in Lika began to strengthen, today it is the administrative and cultural center of Lika-Senj County and the center of the newly established diocese. The city and its surroundings are mostly known for their natural beauty. On a small area and at about 500 m above sea level there are three national parks (Plitvice Lakes, Paklenica canyon and Northern Velebit), nature park (Velebit) and forests - parks (Laudonov gaj and Jasikovac), close to the Adriatic coast and areas under special ecological protection.

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We toured the three national parks during our three day trip here. I visited the park in a quest of finding myself,the peace, exploration and wildlife there enabled me do so, It's truly a paradise. We went for evening prayers at the newly opened diocese.
very good!!!
I was here to enjoy the natural beauty of the countryside and get some fresh air. I went for long walks to the national park where I made new friends and are delicious food from a neat restaurant.
The square in the middle of the city was clean and quiet i really loved taking pictures there as i took a walk checking out the buildings. Later on i was also able to go to one of the national parks outside the city and looked at some of the animals there, it was great
We learned about the rich history of the city of Gospich and its function as traffic and military center. We attended the morning service at the newly established diocese were were enlightened about various spiritual matters. We also learned of the city playing an administrative role.
I toured the Plitvice Lakes and was amazed by the different varieties of aquatic animals like the sea turtles. I took a long walk along in the Velebit nature park whose beauty was unmatched;the beautiful view added by the green color of the trees was breathtaking. I loved this place.
The architectural design of this place is really amazing. I loved how the buildings were planned and decorated. It was captivating. Its architectural design is related to its history which is impressive. I enjoyed walking on its street and admiring its beauty.