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Cheese Factory Kolacevic


Cheese Factory Kolacevic is a family farm in the village of Kalinovaca, near Gospic. The farm is run by a young married couple, Martina and Nikola Kolacevic. After living in the big city, in 2000 they decided to move to Nikola's fatherland. They keep cows, sheep and goats. They produce about 40,000 liters of milk a year. They produce cheese Skripavac, semi-hard cow's cheese, yogurt, basa (sour milk), and cottage cheese. Their cheeses have been awarded many times. Cheese products can be tasted and bought on the property.

№1 in 1 Prosciutto & Cheese from Gospic
№34 in 1804 Prosciutto & Cheese from Croatia



Food Location

Kalinovača 46, 53213 Donje Pazariste


(13 reviews)
It was a nice afternoon to spend time with the lovely couple who were accommodative to us in their farm. They also gave us their produced yogurt and sour milk to taste and they were yummy. Will definitely come back for more.
My kids loved seeing the cows, goats and sheep in the farm, It was delightful to learn that the farm has won lots of awards due to its quality cheese production. We also bought some of the cheese products to take them back home.
The yogurt and sour milk produced in this location are organic and of good quality. I enjoyed learning how milk can be manipulated into producing so many varieties.
The variety of cheese served in this location makes the whole experience worth it. I enjoyed sampling different types of cheese from goat and cows.
very good!!!
Their yoghurt was really tasty. They offered different flavours of yoghurt. The staff were really hospitable and welcoming.
This cheese factory near Gospic is a must visit. The produce cheese Skripavac fro cows milk. I loved touring this place and and seeing how they take care of their animals. Their cheese is just the best