Nikola Tesla Memorial Center, Smiljan


The great scientist Nikola Tesla, who invented the wheel of the modern age and "illuminated the world", was born in 1856 in Smiljan. He grew up and acquired his first knowledge in Gospić. The Nikola Tesla Memorial Center, opened in 2006 on his 150th birthday, has united science, art and tourism in one place.

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Smiljan 87/1, 53211, Smiljan


(13 reviews)
When we visited the place we had the chance to tour at the showroom We enjoyed ourselves as we found the place had a documentary ongoing of Nikola Tesla and it was amazing. Unforgettable moments for us.
Nice place to visit and totally worth that time and trip. We toured the place and witnessed the home for Nikola Tesla. We also loved the house and had the chance to learn the historical data and his life achievements.
Touring this place was breathtaking. His achievements and inventions were displayed. The environment was serene where children can just play.
very good!!!
Spectacular place to visit that we enjoyed with my kids as they were playing at the playground. The unique place has a showroom with modern presentation of Nikola Tesla's achievements and it was totally worth the visit.
The place really summarized Nikola tesla's life and his amazing inventions. They were well preserved,it was a great documentary and i learned alot.
My review of the Nikal tesla memorial is that it was a very fun and entertaining place. I played volleyball and went bike riding. The people who tour the place are also very kind and helpful when creating activities to do in the area. I recommend the banana smoothie.
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