Lika Museum


The Lika Museum was founded in 1958 and combines exhibitions from Lika 's past.
The museum consists of numismatics, an archeological and historical department, a set of weapons and a gallery department. The most interesting is the Ethnographic Department with a permanent exhibition in a special and traditional Lika house, a log cabin with a shingles cover and a suitable interior. The interior of the house consists of furniture found in the remaining region of the Dinara.

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Ul. Dr. Franje Tudmana 3, 53000, Gospić


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very good!!!
. We arrived on a beautiful spring day and spent the morning enjoying all of the exhibits. The tour was very informative and presented in multiple languages. After lunch, we watched a movie that summarized all of the exhibits we had seen. Afterward, we took a leisurely walk through the gardens and waterfall. A perfect place to enjoy nature and take great Instagram photos!
The museum has so many artifacts and different cultures explained to detail, i enjoyed walking around just reading about them
The museum has two fine statues on the entrance and nice reception, the place also had a cafeteria inside, something most museums lack but i loved walking around learning
We loved the cultural heritage and the monuments that we saw at the museum and they were amazing. I enjoyed my tour and got to understand the history of the region and country.
It has well defined art and explaination at the bottom of each, the guide was so relaxed and in control of the tour, it ws generally a nice place for me
I enjoyed touring the various departments in the museum especially the ethnographic department. I learnt alot about the Lika community.
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