This mountain, 850 meters high, is an unavoidable natural landmark of the Lovinac region. Tradition says that it served as an observatory that controlled the entire Lika field. In addition to its incredible visual identity, it also hides a cave that is 350 meters long and has a lake.

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mountain peaks

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Unnamed Road, Drenovac Radučki


(15 reviews)
It was a wonderful time the first day we went to Zir. We got to ride on a train, take pictures by moving statues and see a beautiful view of where we had started.
It was adventurous hiking and I loved the experience on the trail and the nature with the view of the amazing landscape.
Standing at this magnificent view of the sorrounding land. It was a beautiful view.
I loved how the summit of the mountain was sticking out like a sore thumb, the environment around it was so beautiful and is also good for hiking
Stunning views of the landscape from the tops of the cliffs and mountains and we took pictures.
The place is really nice for hiking and mountaineering, the summit is visible and weather is very fine
The mountain peak had a nice look and the base of the mountain was good place for setup of camp and tents, we enjoyed the stay
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