Paklenica National Park


On the rough massif of Velebit, Paklenica National Park offers numerous outdoor opportunities for hiking, climbing and other sports. A designated UNESCO biological reserve, the park was established to protect the diverse flora and fauna, as well as the mountains themselves. Significantly due to the exposed white rock on the otherwise barren mountains and the sharply contrasting green forests below, Mala Paklenica and Velika Paklenica celebrate through the mountain range, creating their own dramatic high walls. The park is home to numerous species of birds and colonies, making it a paradise for bird watchers, and occasionally wildlife such as bears and wolves are recorded. The Parks Office is located in Starigrad (StariGrad-Paklenica) and provides everything you need for a safe visit, including maps and other useful information, along with exhibits and toilets (the entrance is in Marasovići, a little further north).Hot Tip: Try to visit during the colder spring or fall months when the park is especially green and lush.

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Paklenica National Park
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Paklenica National Park
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I took a memorable trip to Paklenica and I really had a wonderful time. I particularly loved visiting the beautiful caves inside the forests. The intriguing views were so charming. I cant wait to visit again.
My friends and I will visit this town for the 5th time. We always come here to enjoy rock climbing. There are large rocks all over and we always have a great time climbing up to heights of even 300m! I am looking forward to the trip.
Paklenica is a nice place for wildlife and bird-watching enthusiasts. My boyfriend and I had a terrific time watching the falcons, eagles, deers, bears, and even catching glimpses of wolves. I recommend this park to all.
Paklenica is a phenomenal place to visit. I loved its lovely hotels that had wellness centers and amazing spas that were perfect after a day of hiking and rock climbing. The whole trip was really soothing and relaxing.
Paklenica is a hikers' paradise. I had a memorable time hiking in its many trails at the lush meadows, canyons, and mountain peaks. The springs water along the trails was cool and refreshing. It's a magical place.
I still remember my trip to this park like its yesterday. I always took bike rides to the entrance and then went to enjoy the enchanting views at the mountain top. I later enjoyed delicious meals in the beautiful cafes. I really loved this park.
I and my pals had a memorable time visiting this park. We especially loved the outdoor night parties around bonfires and later sleeping in the mountain huts. It was a magical trip.