This scattered settlement, composed of several smaller places, is located in the southern Velebit foothills. The local population is mainly engaged in olive growing, animal husbandry, tourism and fishing. Among the sights there are the church of St. George in Rovanjska from the ninth century, and next to it a medieval cemetery with tombstones, then the church of St. Jerome in Jasenice from the 19th century, and the church of St. Frane in Velebit. Unfortunately, the place is known for the massive massacre of the local elderly population during the Serbian aggression in 1991. Visitors will surely be interested in the 24 km long historic road, known as the Master Road, which is a unique mountain road that offers beautiful panoramic views and views of the rocks, Zadar archipelago and hinterland, which can be ridden, photographed and generally enjoy nature.

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very good!!!
We went for a long walk on the historic road, along the way we enjoyed the panoramic views of the unique mountain surrounding the roads. The views of the rock was appealing to the eye especially how they glittered. It was a wonderful place to fall in love with nature.
Since we had carried our cameras, we took photographs of this place for memories. We took a photo of the medieval cemetery that has tombstones that create a reminiscence of the people who lived here. An ideal place for photographers and historians.
This was the ideal place for our spiritual nourishment. The Church of St Jerome and the Church of St Frane whose interior designs were good and well decorated were therapeutic to us. We also bought some olive oils to take back home after our trip.
The sandy clean beaches at this place were amazing. I loved swimming and sunbathing while enjoying cool drinks. I made new friends with whom we talked all day long. It was an amazing experience.
We went fishing at the place on our trip to the place and it was remarkable. Lots of amazing places to visit with stunning views and exciting things that are unique and lovely to see. I loved the diverse nature that the place holds and the wonderful experience that i had.
The churches, a medieval cemetery with tombstones are some of the sights to behold during a trip here. I had come to witness the 24 km long historic road, of which i did. During my walk on this road, i loved the beautiful panoramic views of the rocks surrounding it.