Obrovac is a town on the river Zrmanja some 11 km from the mouth of the river Novigrad Sea. Above the city are the ruins of a fortified city. Its tributary Krupa attracts many hikers, and more recently rafting, canoeing and kayaking. Not far from the town of Krupa there is a monastery with a valuable collection of icons. Approximately 2 km northwest of the city, along a road leading to the mountains, lies a huge abandoned industrial complex, an alumina plant built in the 1970s. Obrovac got its name for the first time in 1337. In 1527, it was taken over by the Turks. In October 1683, the population of Venetian Dalmatia, mainly the Uskoks of Ravni kotari, took up arms and together with the paradises (lower layer) of the Ottoman border regions rose, capturing Skradin, Karin, Vrana, Benkovac and Obrovac. In 1687, Stojan Jankovich, a Morlach leader, drove the Ottomans from Obrovac. Sights that are definitely worth visiting are the Krupa Monastery, the remains of the Roman settlement of Cvijina Gradina, the Kurjakovich Fortress, the Church of St. Joseph, St. Kuzman and Damjan, st. Trojice, Zrmanja canyon. Narrow streets, coffee on the beautiful waterfront, a view from the lookout, old Italian pebble paths, swimming in one of the cleanest rivers in the world, all this offers this area and much more.

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very good!!!
Obrovac has adventurous activities to engage in. My friends and I had a wonderful time canoeing and kayaking in the wild river. The adrenaline rush as we moved downstream was worth it. By the end of the trip, we were deeply gratified.
I recommend Obrovac town to anyone looking to have a memorable vacation. There are lots of sights to visit. The beautiful expanding horizons are magical, especially during sunsets. It's a very captivating town.
My buddies and I had a terrific time visiting this town. We had a pleasant time visiting the ancient ruins of the fortresses that looked so quaint and charming. We learned a lot of medieval history from the guides. It's a beautiful town worth a trip.
I always bring my wife to this town on our summer vacation. There are a lot of interesting sights to visit and we really love the magical caves that are so tranquil and quiet. The peace in this town just calms us down.
It was a lot of fun on our vacation to Obrovac. We particularly loved the water rafting and tubing experience in the magnificent rivers. We made a lot of friends on these excursions. The trip was worth every penny spent.
If you are an ancient art lover then this town has a lot to offer. I visit its castles and museums on a regular and I never seem to get enough of the fabulous collections. It's a very fascinating town.