Zrmanja river


Zrmanja is a wild karst river in the south of Croatia. It is adorned with transparent clear water, and its travertine barriers and waterfalls make it one of the most beautiful canyons in Europe. The area of the Zrmanja canyon is part of the protected area of the Velebit Nature Park.

Zrmanja Canyon is one of the places in Croatia where legendary films about the adventures of the Indian chief Winnetou were filmed from 1963 to 1968. The river is called Rio Pecos in the movies.

Rafting on the river Zrmanja is especially popular. For the best experience, you should come rafting in the spring or fall, right after heavy rains. Then the river abounds in water and guarantees an unforgettable adventure.

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Zrmanja river
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very good!!!
We wanted to go rafting on the river. This was the best place to come to during the spring. The river was full of life after the heavy rains. The rafting was enjoyable here. I also got a chance to teach some kids how to raft.
The river was very clean and clear, i had never seen such. The people who i also met up with at that place were full of energy and adventure spirit nd we had a really wonderful time riding on the boats. I will forever remember this place
The view at the waterfall was undeniably beautiful;the cold breeze was therapeutic and stress relieving helping me to clear my mind . The waterfalls provided an amazing backdrop while taking my pictures and videos. It's a nice place.
I was delighted to learn about the history of Zrmanja Canyon especially in the film industry;where the adventures of the Indian chief Winnetou was filmed. I enjoyed rafting in the spring in river Zrmanja. The experience was and still is unforgettable.
This Karst river has very clear waters. Its beauty is mesmerizing. I enjoyed rafting in its waters. It was quite an adventure. I also took a nature walk in its surrounding and it was really relaxing. I got to see different species of flora and fauna.
Zrmanja river is good for canoeing. It was a good experience. The view was so nice. I enjoyed the nature was breathtaking. The vegetation was perfect for a nature walk. I had an epic time.