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Korala Beach is located near the Dalmatian town of Posedarje on the Karin Sea, opposite the smaller town of Malenica and the famous Maslenica Bridge. The beach is rocky, but the rocks are not sharp but cascading with flat parts that are great for sunbathing and jumping into the sea. Access to the sea is not too mild, because of the mentioned rocks, so the beach is popular among young people and people looking for recreation. Nearby is a small town Novigrad which has many apartments, villas and other accommodation units, but also additional facilities that are missing on the beach. There is also no natural shade, so be sure to bring sunscreen, among other things.

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The view of the beach from Maslenica beach is breathtaking. I took several photos throughout my vacation period. I also loved relaxing on the beach and loved the convenience that came with renting the necessary equipment.
Visited the beach after summer since i did not want to bump into people. The beach is rocky but with flat rocks which give a better place to sunbathe after a good swim. The beach is popular with young people due to the rockiness hence a great spot for anyone looking for a good place for recreation. No trees around so carry your sunscreen.
The rocks on this beach are cascading with flat parts that are suitable for sun bathing and jumping into the sea, and in my opinion it is very enjoyable. Ideal for people seeking a recreation location and young people. Additional facilities can be found inthe town nearby. There lacks a natural shade so carry some sunscreen and go have fun.
very good!!!
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