The ruins of the castle located on a hill above the town of the same name, also had a turbulent history. The Romans, and before them the Liburnians, built fortifications on the same site. Although the walls date back to Roman times, don't worry Novigrad has been modernized. There are several restaurants and cafes on the water, which offer a beautiful view of the harbor. Located 31 km east of Zadar via 502, Novigrad has been a front line in several conflicts. During the dynastic wars (1385-1387) in today's Croatia, two royal women Marija, the wife of the Croatian-Hungarian king Sigismund Luxemberg and her mother Elizabeth, were killed there. During the Candian Wars (1645-1669) it was an important point of defense of Venice against the Turks, who occupied the city during 1646-47. When the Venetians recaptured the city, the castle was considerably destroyed. During the recent war from 1991 to 1995 after the break-up of Yugoslavia, the Serbs also held the city for two years. The ruins, which can be accessed from several trails, offer another spectacular view of the modern city and the sea. It takes about 10-15 minutes to reach the castle.

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very good!!!
I have been to Novigrad City and fell in love with the beautiful city walls constructed on the southern side of the city. The walls, constructed during the medieval times are preserved to date and their combination with the rocks makes the city an absolute beauty.
I enjoyed the summer concerts hosted during the summer months and the events fill the city with people from all walks of life making the atmosphere great.
Whenever we are in Novigrad, we enjoy the ever delicious seafood served by the coastal restaurants found everywhere, which keeps my family asking for more.
The experience we had during diving is compared to none, there are underwater museums rich in history.
It was easy travelling around novigrad city with well built road and an established airline. I enjoyed visiting different places and sampling Istria's famous gastronomic choices.
I visited the museum and enjoyed learning the history of roman artefacts. Novigrad city has a rich history for those who may be intrested to learn.