The small tourist town of Policnik is located not far from historic Zadar. The town boasts a rich and turbulent history, especially from the time of the battles against the Turks, which have left many sights and traces to this day. Although not located on the coast, the city is actively working to improve its tourist offer, so today Poličnik, in addition to interesting historical monuments and sights, offers numerous holiday facilities, such as private villas, numerous apartments, entertainment and recreational facilities. The proximity of Zadar by car is really imperceptible, so during the summer you can easily access the beaches and all sea activities without participating in city crowds.  

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very good!!!
This town has numerous historical monuments and sights. I was stunned by its amazing history. The accommodation facilities were so modern and spectacular I loved every moment I spent here. It is such a wonderful town.
The place was a quiet getaway for me and my husband, we really got time to reminisce about our relationship, the villas here are very cheap and accessible, also the beach is not far away and can be reached by a few minutes drive. The historical traces from war are also visible giving a nice description.
There are a number of apartments here are great and the place is less crowded. The recreational activities offered here are awesome. The Kokteli zadar bar offered great drinks and were very respectful, i'm grateful i found a safe haven away from home