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It is no wonder that Zrmanja is called a beauty - its biodiversity reserve, spring, tributaries, canyon, waterfalls, endless sources of drinking water and magnificent landscapes justify its nickname. While it may be a little hard to find, it will definitely pay off. You can choose between rowing, cycling and hiking, but if you want to see the canyon, you have to embark on an adventure called kayaking or rafting. Zrmanja will show you his other face here as well - the Beast. If the water level is high, it will allow you to experience one of the most exciting tours in this part of Europe. Whether you want to enjoy nature more relaxed or adventurous - Zrmanja will surely delight you.

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Zrmanja river

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Obala hrv. c.S. Zupana 6, 23450, Obrovac


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very good!!!
I took my small team there for team building and the kayaking activity said say no more, it was fun riding the kayaks in the rocky rivers, i really loved the bonding session
Paddling through the waves and currents of the water was a fulfilling experience for me and my dad. We bonded through these activities
My family had an amazing time rafting along this river. The waters were white and it wasan adventurous experience
I had an amazing experience kayaking and along this river which was our team building activity. It was a refreshing moment.
We enjoyed kayaking as well as rafting on the wild waters of the river and it was thrilling passing the rapids.
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