If you want to get away from the beaten track, consider a trip to Benkovac. There is no tourism in Benkovac, but you can find remnants of a rich cultural history there. Benkovac lies 37 km from Zadar, where the rocks and bushes of the karst area of ​​Bukovica meet the fertile plains of Ravni Kotari.The first records of the name of the city date back to the 15th century, when it was known in Latin as Castrum Bencovich. of all other settlements in the Zadar region, and although it has always had good communications with the coast and the capital, today its situation is even better after the construction of the southbound highway. empire before.At Asseria, near Podgrađe, 6 km east of Benkovac, there are the remains of an urban settlement almost a kilometer long. Asseria was founded long before the Romans set foot on these lands. It was a powerful center of the Liburnian tribe, whose areas stretched for miles along the eastern Adriatic coast.The Church of St. Martin near Benkovac prepared several surprises a few years ago, when an old pantry was opened in which more than 2,000 silver coins from the treasury of Hungarian King Koloman (or Kalman) were found, part of the wealth he used to finance his search for the Croatian crown. Kaštel still stands in Benkovac itself - a proud and strict fortress of the Benkovich family from the 16th century with two towers facing south, which now houses a local museum. It is important to mention the traditional Benkovac Livestock Fair, which has been held for more than a hundred years, every tenth of the month.The city is very close to Zadar so you can easily make a day trip.

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very good!!!
I really enjoy the atmosphere in Benkovac Township and the people there are fantastic too. So jovial and ready to help .
whilst vacationing in benkovac City, I got to visit the fair and it lived upto its praises. there was everything imaginable being sold there. I got really unique things to gift my family back home. Great place too
I am a big fan of architectural designs and buildings and Benkovac is the best place to look at the different beautiful buildings. it was amazing.
The resturants are great and offer delicious food variety. we dined and drank at different spots and all of them were spectacular. I loved it.
The villas and accommodations were top notch with charming and modern touch that gives the best feeling of staying. We loved the other services since they were timely and great.
We had the chance for horse riding around the city. It was my first time and the feeling was wonderful. Good times.