Vransko Lake


Traveling along the Adriatic coast to northern Dalmatia, between the two historic cities of Zadar and Sibenik, you will encounter a natural phenomenon - two equally beautiful, yet so different shades of blue. On one side you will see the indented Adriatic coast, known for its tempting beauty and clear sea , and on the other hand, the largest natural lake in Croatia.Due to rare natural habitats, freshwater sources and biodiversity, Vrana Lake and its surroundings were declared a nature park on July 21, 1999. It covers 57 km², of which 30.02 km² is the area of ​​the lake itself, which stretches in a northwest-southeast direction. , parallel to the sea coast, from which, in some places, is less than a kilometer awayThe uniqueness of this natural phenomenon:-The largest lake in Croatia-Apart from the lower part of the Neretva River, it is the only large swamp in the Mediterranean part of Croatia-Special ornithological reserve-Health of many endangered bird species at the national and European level-Hot-spot area - diversity of ornithofauna (256 species, 102 nesting species)-The number of water birds wintering on the lake exceeds 100,000 individuals-Rich history (first discoveries date back to 2000 BC).

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