Vrana is a small town near Vrana Lake, 6 kilometers from Pakostane and 13 kilometers from Biograd na Moru. It is a place of rich history and cultural heritage.

In Latin sources, the town is called Aurana, Laurana and Arauzona. The fortress was mentioned as early as the 9th century and was then owned by Croatian kings. Throughout history, Vrana was under Venetian and Ottoman rule. The turbulent history is evidenced by the remains of a fortress from the Middle Ages, the best-preserved secular Ottoman monument in Europe - Mashkovicha han, and the remains of a Roman aqueduct.

Vrana Lake is named after the town Vrana, since it is located nearby. Vrana Lake is the largest natural lake in Croatia and has the status of a nature park.

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Vrana is home to interesting spots to relax at. The beaches particularly are on another level. They have very clear undisturbed waters, warm and very calm. I always have a good time.
I had a lovely time in Vrana. The bird-watching experience was something else as I got to spot falcons, vultures, hawks, and other large birds. The watching towers were very nice. I hope to be back.
The peace in Vrana is unrivaled. The paddleboat rides especially in the morning are usually very quiet and peaceful. They are only broken by the birds' calls. When the sunrise rays touch the lake, it's usually breathtaking. It always rejuvenates me.
We always come to Vrana to explore its ancient sites. My wife loves the walking trips to the ruins of the ancient villages that look so cryptic. It's a very intriguing town.
Every nature fan should come to Vrana. I visit here every chance I get. The nature park here is very lush and very ideal for hiking. I look forward to my next trip.
I always find kayaking in lakes very peaceful as they are calm, unlike the sea. The lake in Vrana offered just that and we really had a nice time floating on the undisturbed clear waters. My friends still talk about this town to date.
My friends and I rented mountain bikes to explore this heavenly town. The rides to the harbor were something else as I looked out for the beautiful sea vessels. The experience i had was fantastic.