Maskovic Han


Jusuf Maskovic Han (17th century) is the westernmost monument of civil Islamic architecture in Europe, ranking first in terms of preservation and architectural qualities among the few monuments from the time of Turkish domination. Construction began in 1644, commissioned and financed by Jusuf Mashkovich. a high dignitary in the sultan's palace and admiral of the Turkish fleet.
Han was to be Mashkovich's personal villa or residence, upon his return from Constantinople to his homeland. Han is conceived as a luxurious and modern monumental building that has all the necessary comfort, including a Turkish bath - hammam. Large sums of money were invested in the construction of the inn, and as many as 500 workers worked on it daily. Han is located in Vrana, on a slope just fifty meters south of the medieval old town. The location was predisposed to the availability of water, a very important element of the Islamic world. By natural fall, water flowed from the nearby Pećina spring to the northern corner of the henna, where it was distributed within the building by a system of stone canals.
In 1645, with 60,000 warriors, Mashkovich conquered Crete and became its marshal. Mercy and generosity towards the defeated Venetian soldiers and local citizens made him one of the most distinguished warriors of all time, while inciting the wrath of the sultan who summoned him to court sentencing Mashkovich to death. His tragic fate left its mark on the han, which was not completed in the form as intended, but in a much more modest form. After more than 370 years, the han was finally completed in 2015 when it was completely renovated.

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