There are over 50 kilometers of bicycle paths around Vrana Lake. Most visitors start their Cycling tours in Vrana, crossing Majdan and following the path around the lake in the SE direction. This first part is the most beautiful, but also the most difficult part of the path. Make sure you have enough water with with him because the first place in the retail store Prosika is about 20 kilometers away. The trail is wide enough for cars to pass by, but except for some local people, no one will stand in your way. Don't forget to visit the Kamenjak Lookout Tower, which is located just above the middle part of the lake and offers a spectacular view. When you reach the port of Prosika, you can relax there in the shade, get more information at the info-site and watch the canal that connects the lake with the sea. From there, the bike route connects to the main Adriatic road, but you can soon head back along the trail going straight through old olive groves, dry stone walls and beautiful landscapes. The last part of the route will take you from Modrava to Draga and back to the Crkvina campsite. This part of the trail is easy and here you can see many fishermen standing on small beaches trying to catch some famous carp from Lake Vrana.

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