Osridak Hill


Osridak Hill is a natural plateau strategically positioned so you can easily see the wider area. A natural route leads to it, which is actually a canyon, and at the same time connects the coast with rural villages. At this place there are two towers that share the name Osridak, which is not a common occurrence. Archaeologists believe the entire plateau was well organized to supply guards and the army with everything they needed for a long time. These two towers were not functional at the same time; The Venetian tower was built after the late antique tower was no longer in use, or it was easier to build a new one instead of rebuilding the old one. Remains of stairs were found next to the tower, as well as a wall that could have been used for defense and protection from strong winds. There is a lot of construction material around the site, and only further research and clearing of the surroundings will provide a complete picture of the entire Osridak plateau. Recent archaeological research confirms that this place was very important in the late Middle Ages (15th century). The discovered remains of an old fort, consisting of several rooms built in several stages, confirm the specific location used to control access to both staff and goods. In addition, the weapons found suggest that they are a well-armed military garrison.

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Vransko Lake

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Lake Vrana (Dalmatia)


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