St. Philip and James


On the shores of the Pashman Channel, surrounded by Zadar and Biograd, lies the picturesque Sv. Philip and James.Sv. Filip i Jakov is known for the former summer houses and parks of the Zadar nobles, of which the Borelli family is still known today. Thanks to the Borelli family, tourism in Sv. Filip and Jakov have historical roots, as the two parks and summer houses where the family hosted friends and acquaintances, dignitaries of the time, are the forerunners of today's cottages and tourist facilities.1059 Benedictine monastery of St. John in Biograd and donated to him his royal castle Rogovo with its extensive land holdings. Today's old core was created through the 16th century and for the most part in the 17th century. At the entrance to the old core there is a Kaštel from the 17th century in which the coat of arms of the abbot of Rogovo is built. Church of St. Mihovila is mentioned in the 16th century, but after the Turkish massacres, today's church with a bell tower was built in 1707.Today, St. Filip and Jakov are a combination of magnificent Dalmatian nature; facing the sea which gives it its mystique and beauty and in the hinterland it is guarded by the expanses of rich land.

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Our adventure to St Philips and James was superb. We visited the history museums. It was full of artefacts and vital materials. A practical library.
St Philips and James is a place to fancy. The beautiful church here was build many years ago. A great place to pay homage.
I was joyful to be served with Italian and Croatian Cuisine.The delicious meal was exceptional. I enjoyed full brim. Wonderful.
My cousin and I visited the nearby water tower. We enjoyed the magical noice of the water. A great place to relax and listen music.
I loved the monuments in St philips and James. The monuments formed the practical sense of this place. An excellent place.
Travelling along the piers and boardwalks was classical. We enjoyed moving around looking at this points of interests that are the landmarks of the town.
My father and I enjoyed the best moments in St Philips and James. We went to largest library that has a wider view. Stunning place.